Stylish bibs for babies,
drool after drool



How do I order?


I’m also a mom and I can understand how shopping can be with an infant or a toddler. That’s why we have made the process easy as we can. Just go to shop, select the bib you prefer, pay online or offline and wait for the bib to be delivered. Orders will be processed on the next working day and no changes will be made after payment has been made, so please review your order well. 

How fast can Bibs Manila ship?

Our bibs are on hand and are ready to ship the next working day. Upon check-out, please do not forget to fill-out the shipping address completely. 

Once your order has been received by the courier and tracking number is sent to you, your order is considered fulfilled. Bibs Manila will not be liable for losses and delays during transport.

However, for those with embroidery requirements, lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks. (Embroidery will be announced once available) 

What material did Bibs Manila use for the bibs?

For most bibs, front is made of soft cotton fabric while the back is made of polyester fleece for absorbency.

The Pinoy collection is made of Sthenolid material, giving you the guarantee that these bibs are soft and made even more comfortable for your baby.  

How do I wash the bibs?

The better way to deal with liquid stains is to take them off immediately with water and your preferred baby detergent before it dries up. For tougher stains, try soaking the bib overnight. For dry stain like food excess, gently rub it off with your hand.  

Never wash your baby’s bibs in hot water as doing so can cause stain to stay for a longer period and may make the fabric shrink or expand.